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Dou Hong

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Mainly a DC sketch blog (with some other stuff potentially on the side). This is an art only tumblr, but if you would like to my main tumblr, check it out! That's where I repost gifs, images, other artists etc... Thank you so much for looking! A huge thanks to all the likes and reblogs, I really appreciate it!

Feel free to ask for requests. ^^ I don't think I can get around to all the requests, but perhaps I can certainly try. Btw, if I do your request, I will not answer your note with the image as I want to make each sketch rebloggable. I'll just take a screencap of the question. ^^

Jul 15 '13

Thanks to Isaia and her wonderfully awesome pic, I have joined her on her wagon. Will anybody else join us? XD

Forgive me about the Jaeger suits. I just ran with it, so some of the ahem… details don’t match up at all. XD Hopefully I can do a full body pic of Saint Walker’s Jaeger which I have dubbed ‘Adara Blue’ (but yeah… if you have a better name, please… <_<…) It’s head shape is inspired by Adara, the physical embodiment of hope. If I had more time, I would refine it again, but these are just sketches, so we’re good. ^^ And yes Typette, Saint Walker would pilot one by himself cause he’s a badass…

And then we have little Amala, Shyir Rev’s daughter. ^^ I put her in Mako’s role as a young girl because it felt undeniably fitting to me. :p

Poor Tomar-Re… He’s just wondering who let this goofball into the Jaeger program. XD 

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