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Dou Hong

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Hello guys! Character Designer on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is an art only tumblr, but if you would like to my main tumblr, check it out! That's where I repost gifs, images, other artists etc... Thank you so much for looking! A huge thanks to all the likes and reblogs, I really appreciate it!

Feel free to ask for requests. ^^ I don't think I can get around to all the requests, but perhaps I can certainly try. Btw, if I do your request, I will not answer your note with the image as I want to make each sketch rebloggable. I'll just take a screencap of the question. ^^

Mar 18 '13

Sorta sequel to this, but not really since the outfits are totally different. XD

I had not entertained this idea until I saw Elf Grove at the last DC nation meetup (The last meetup was the best! I can’t believe I met Isaia and Junryou in person!!! Sorry if I forgot to mention other peoples. I should have taken names) XD I can’t remember how we talked about it, but after she brought it up, couldn’t stop thinkin’ about it. ^^ I do like my first design, but after looking at it again, it didn’t have a silhouette that I loved. 

I have this headcanon that Astonian head tails are a symbol of many things. A source of pride, astonian hood, aesthetic, an indicator of age (longer tails means your older? When you’re a kid your head tail is just a nub). So if it’s ever cut off, ripped off, maimed, scarred beyond recognition, well, it’s a pretty terrible thing. I’m thinkin’ that the tails can grow back, but if the trauma were severe enough, it would stunt it or never grow back.

So Red Lantern Walker used to have a long beautiful tail, but it was ripped/sliced off. At first, when he became a red lantern, he would create tail projections, but he stopped that after a while because every time it touched his back or flew in his face, it was a constant reminder of what he lost, and what he could never recover. It’s sorta like how Aya constantly reminds Razer of Illana. But when he goes into FULL RAGE MODE, it comes back anyways.

I kept some elements of his civilian outfit, like the scarf/cape, and rings around lower arms and legs. His neck is more crooked, face more hard edged ^^ I don’t know off hand any red lanterns who had a cape, so it was a fun idea to play with.

but of course, if the idea of Red Lantern Saint Walker makes you cry, you can think of this guy as his evil alternate universe doppelganger. Hopefully when I have some time, I can try my hand at Blue Lantern Razer, although I’ve already seen so many cool designs! XD I’m a wee bit hesitant. I love my boy Razer in Blue, but I also love my Saint Walker in red!

Since that’s taken care of…

Where da drabbles an’ fic at? :p

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