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Dou Hong

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Hello guys! Character Designer on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is an art only tumblr, but if you would like to my main tumblr, check it out! That's where I repost gifs, images, other artists etc... Thank you so much for looking! A huge thanks to all the likes and reblogs, I really appreciate it!

Feel free to ask for requests. ^^ I don't think I can get around to all the requests, but perhaps I can certainly try. Btw, if I do your request, I will not answer your note with the image as I want to make each sketch rebloggable. I'll just take a screencap of the question. ^^

Feb 28 '13

Inspired by the two most recent images on my old art tumblr tag, meaning that particular style. I’m not usually one to play with proportions to the point where they’re very cartoony, but I had such a fun time with this! ^^

I chose these four characters because they’re some of my favorites! I really do hope that we eventually get to see a glimpse of Queen Bee and Wondy sometime soon!

I tried playing this mental game to see if I could connect everyone in this set together, and I half succeeded. XD

  1. Amb. and WW: He stepped on her doll (damn you!)
  2. Amb. and GGG: Amb got dumped on national TV
  3. Amb and QB: Hmmmm…. XD
  4. WW and GGG: GGG insulted WW’s costume. Got digitally punched. ^^
  5. WW and QB: Hmmmm…
  6. GGG and QB: Hmmmm…

XD well it seems that Queen Bee is our winner for tonight as I cannot think of any connection between her and the rest! Poor Wondy, getting stepped on literally/figuratively by Amb and GGG. Don’t worry guys, I’ll draw something where she gets her revenge.. :p!

GUYS. Three episodes left. Is anyone else wondering about life after YJ and GLTAS? Or is everyone sorta pretending that it’s not happening? XD

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